”... The protagonist here, once again, was the conductor Eyal Ein Habar, who raised this concert to a unique and high plateau, especially in terms of his technique, understanding, openness and lightness. It was a pleasure to hear and watch him...”
Noam Ben Zeev, Ha'aretz
”...The soloist, Eyal Ein-Habar, played the difficult and almost nonstop part with technical dexterity and great sensitivity...”
Martin Steinberg, Star Tribune, Minneapolis-St. paul, Minnesota
”...The program began with Bernstein’s “Halil,” an appealing flute concerto with the solo line cast partly as a sweetly lyrical rhapsody and partly as a tense, 12-tone melody, a split that Bernstein meant to represent peace and tension. Eyal Ein-Habar played the solo with an affecting purity...”
Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
”…The performances are stunning, immaculately-articulated and co-coordinated, full of tonal color and variety…”
Cd- Impressions François, Israel Flute Ensemble
Alison Uren, Pan - the flute magazine, British Flute Association
”…Schubert’s melody… drifted in softly, continued with the exciting and penetrating variations, through the magnificent playing of Eyal Ein Habar…”
Hagai Hitron, Ha’aretz
”…Ein-Habar… is an artist with presence, personality, and impeccable performance. Above all, he possesses ‘an artist’s touch’ between his fingers and his lips…”
Yossi Schiffmann, Globes
”…Ein-Habar rose to the occasion of collaboration with the legendary Rampal and they played as equals…”
Yossi Schiffmann, Globes
”…Ein-Habar’s Mozart was impressive. His playing was full of fantasy and spontaneity. He obtained an immaculately pure sound from his instrument”
Oswin Schneeweisz, Algemeen Dagblad
”…His (Eyal's) playing was spellbinding. He played the Ibert concerto light-footed, radiant and with virtuosity…”
Adrian Hager, The Hague