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Eyal Ein-Habar


"...Ein-Habar is an artist with presence, personality, and impeccable performance"

(Yossi Schiffmann, Globes)

The Art of Flute Playing

The flute has accompanied me since childhood. My first memory is of a shiny instrument with a complex mechanism. I loved it instantly.

For my 10th birthday I received a LP of James Galway and only then realized how the instrument could REALLY sound like. I used to play for hours with that recording until I knew every note (and thanks to Sir James for developing my ears, since I didn’t have the music)

Amongst my first musical experiences was playing the piccolo in a band, at an age in which my feet didn’t even reach the floor. People thought I was a gimmick and not really playing.

Since then, I have accumulated many musical experiences – solo, chamber and orchestral.

One of my most memorable experience is a two week concert tour with celebrated flutist Jean Pierre Rampal. We played Cimarosa’s double concerto. Unforgettable.

And many years later I performed Bernstein’s "Halil" with Gustavo Dudamel and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra on a tour to the USA. When asked, “How does one get to Carnegie Hall?” Isaac Stern replied, “Practice!”

The Art of Conducting

The Hebrew word “Menatzeach” means not only conductor but also winner and eternity. In English the word is also connected with conductivity (electrical). Watch the great Riccardo Muti talk about it.

Every conductor brings a unique baggage of  attributes and characteristics, some of which come from the vocal field, others from the keyboard or from the field of composition, etc.

Playing with some of the greatest conductors in the world, solo and chamber music experience as well as teaching for many years are part of the baggage I bring as a conductor.

I am fortunate to be able to understand the orchestral body from many angles, and to understand the players, their difficulties, needs and abilities.

Through many years of experience I have developed a specific taste in issues connected with sound, expression and style, and am grateful for not having started too young.

The Art of Teaching

We have all been students and it is always pleasant to recall a significant figure from our past. Until this day, I can hear certain key phrases and insights of my teachers that helped mold my musical personality. I especially remember one musician, whose smile and support accompanied me as a child, and I hold an image of him encouraging me and helping me through many hours of practice.

For many years now teaching has been a major part of my life. Nothing compares with the excitement I feel at a concert of my students. Their dedication, devotion and wish to improve and succeed, in addition to their constant energy, fill me with immense satisfaction. I have been teaching flute, conducting, ensemble playing, workshops for winds and more. The students learn and discuss not only the playing aspects, but also the professional demands and standards waiting around the corner.

I take great pride in my many students who appear on concert stages around the world, as soloists, chamber musicians and orchestra members, teachers, as well as recipients of awards and winners of competitions.

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